Xxine Console Operatives

™Xxine Console Operatives
"Onward and upward
sideways and inward"

"You can never solve a problem at the level at which it was created. You have to go to at least one level beyond."
Albert Einstein

Xxine is working towards the conceptualisation and active integration of CPU, software and program. Leading towards activated processing as a data stream able to move between dimensions
Reversible engineering and prototype language and programming memes have developed a conducive atmosphere for morphic dissonance as an operating model. Alternative realities initially discordant move towards harmony

Ibn Arabi the 14 CE European Sufi, realized that it was not so much the past that creates the future . . .
. . . but the future that creates the means to its existence
The same idea is invoked in the Buddhist Mahayana dictum
'Emptiness is form
and form is emptiness'

Until the end of the 16th century Renaissance
magic was a logical and coherent means of understanding
the universe and controlling one's destiny. Science
has superceded this incomplete model
New consciousness changing interactions are planting
post-scientific developments. Semiotics (the study of signs
and symbols) developed by Elberto Eco as a science,
is an update into scientific language of earlier (and often
more wholistic and integrated) understandings
Even quite ludicrous prediction systems such as Tarot and
Astrology have a core development key that describe
a non corporeal journey. Aspects of the zodiac represent
elements of the persona and their correctives and development.
This element of journeying through the cosmos
or travelling into the pictorial representations of an inner world
have become increasingly important and respected
sources of knowledge
Communication with interdimensional beings from these
externalisations of internal processes effected the inner
teachings practiced by Templers and other Mystery based systems
influencing architecture, art and the proto-science of alchemy.
Gradually this experience and wealth is being recognized whilst
the elements of superstition and ignorance are removed
Alchemy is a system in which delusions are dismissed through
objective control in the laboratory
. If experiment supercedes
the ordinary material laws of the universe, then a link is established
between sub-quantumm, Newtonian and other models. In science
the anomoly is often dismissed; in alchemy explored and enhanced
Alchemy is the art of manipulating life and consciousness in matter
to help it evolve or solve the problems of inner disharmony. Matter exists
only because it is created by the will to be.
Alchemical operations
take place on the level of time and space itself. Work on the elements
of space and time energy constitutes direct manipulation of self
and the reality experienced