Xxine Methodology


Knowledge improving peoples
sought understanding is age independent
Continuing refinement and development
with gentleness and patience
Progressing to expression attuned
to the higher perspectives environment
Improvement and development occurs
dependent on capacity independently of expectation

Language and manifestation are malleable
Being aware of inner nature
Understanding how to improve

Higher awareness
See, hear, feel and communicate
to the enlightened aspect

Altered awareness
Go beyond ecstatic mind states

Recognition of transience
All experience, memory, being changes

Psychic capacity
Fine natural subtle qualities and capacities

Recognition of capacity
Know an individual spirit recognising
Ahead merit understands motivations and expression
Seeing solutions transmit ability
Process becomes manifest

Emotional being reality merges
refined abstract intellect
Evolution process absorbs emotive power
refines conditioning
Emotions find expression
Evolution is
realignment of emotion
control of emotion
understanding of emotional impact
leading to higher work
Society evolves through the steady efforts
of enlightened people coming to realisation
as a spontaneous and natural expression
The greatest efforts are quietly present and yet largely unnoticed. Invisibility is the surest way of being effective without attention.

As well as the obvious recognisable effects
of the enlightened there is also the hidden or invisible legacy:

1. Improved and new behaviour:
. social cohesion
. psychological health
. dispersion of negative into appropriate channels

2. New thoughts and ways of thinking
. encouragement of learning
. improvement of human aspiration and potential
. development of deeper understanding on all levels

3. Collection, concentration and dispersal of virtue
. the store of goodness is attracted and accumulated
. personal contact disperses the quality throughout
. the sum total of goodness is increased

Spiritual faculties are discriminative
without labels of personal preference
Real perceptions express the positive
in their inherent nature
Everyone evolves from a high moral or ethical view
Treating others as manifest Self
Beyond this is virtue without reward
Treating others well without the need to be similarly treated. The highest effective action encompasses previous virtues
Stages may in certain circumstances may manifest as apparent 'disservice'
For this reason trust and patient development with internal or shared guidance is useful
The guides service enables paradoxical behaviour into useful experience. Certain qualities are a prerequisite to training and these must be in place before such an environment can be entered
The stages of development are different for each individual but to a degree can be codified
Various parts of a person may be at dissimilar points. The idea of progression is only partially useful

1. Seeking
Understand happiness in happenings
Find the possibilities and seek growth
Stabilise further knowledge

2. Tracing
Find a placement and function
Develop understanding
Discover and recognise genuine internal/external abilities and requirements

3. Arriving
Accept ones state
Non differentiation between opposites
Settle into conscious direct experience

4. Settling
Conscious stabilisation into enlightenment
Recognition of ones role and possibilities
Transitory experiences are unified
Virtues are part of unconscious behaviour

5. Control
The conscious realisation of internal
and external being unified
leading to understanding how to best harmonise
within this awareness.
When we are aware of and conscious
of each action and its effect, we have begun to understand this process

6. Disappearance
This is an internal rather than manifest characteristic
The character is allowing and patient, not concerned with altering either self or others
Becoming part of the background

7. Observing
No effort is made. No effect is sought. No direction is necessary
One observes the world and the self as One

8. Emptiness
Acting without motivation. Existing without knowing.
Manifesting without obstacle

9. Returning
Enlightenment is transcended and reversed
The birth of a new being in this very life a new incarnation.
Profanity and deity are resolved
God is forgotten, to be remembered again
All surrounding existence is transfigured

10. Beyond
An ordinary, (super) normal person
Deepening of any realised state is practised
partly for the sake of the whole
Completion is independent of existence
The application of skills, incidents, qualities, understandings and so on in the right way, at the right time that develops the whole from the parts
It is by unravelling and thwarting our expectations, denying our inclination to systematise and refine and encourage our capacity to think without distraction that skill is developed
In the West this process is developed by the unnamed alchemists, using a rich symbology that awakens the trance or dream like individual to a new way of thinking and being